Macklemore's GEMINI Album Review

This weekend while I was at the gym I opened Spotify to get some tunes going for my workout and Spotify suggested I should listen to Macklemore's new album GEMINI that came out on this past Friday. I heard a lot of buzz about this album so I went ahead and listened to the entire album during my workout. 

Overall I like his new style and vibe that he's going for on this album. I respect artists who push themselves to try new things with their voice, beats, and general direction of their songs and Macklemore did just that. The songs in this album are much more fun and feel good with a few songs that have heavy lyrics. You can tell Macklemore wasn't as serious in his lyrics like his past songs and that is just fine. In a Rolling Stone interview with Macklemore he said just that, "It's not extremely politically motivated or heavily subject- or concept-oriented. I think it's mostly the music that I wanted to hear. It's the music that I wanted to go get into my car and listen to. I wanted it to be fun."

I've listed my favorite songs from the album below:

Childish Gambino - Redbone

The first time I heard Childish Gambino's song Redbone I thought he did something to his voice in production. Turns out he just changed the way he sang the song!

Watch the live performance and the official audio below:

Super Duper Kyle Tour 2017

KYLE is coming to Seattle, WA on April 21st. You can get tickets here. I saw him in concert in 2015 and it was awesome! From what I remember his performance was polished, entertaining, and energetic. 

In the last couple months he released a couple new songs. Here are two songs that he's released recently:

Would you vibe to any of these songs? Let me know in the comments!